Who is Anthony Quinn Warner? Alleged by DNA test as Nashville Christmas bomber

Anthony Quinn Warner is a 63-year-old Tennessee man who is a person of interest in the explosion of a parked RV in downtown Nashville, Tennessee, on Christmas morning, according to CBS News.

Jeff Pegues, a CBS News journalist, wrote on Twitter, “@CBSNews has learned the name of a person of interest tied to the explosion that rocked #Nashville on #Christmas Day. Multiple sources tell us that Anthony Quinn Warner, a Nashville area resident, had a similar make and model RV.”

Two law enforcement sources confirmed to Fox News that, authorities believe Warner owned the RV that exploded in downtown Nashville early Friday. He also is believed to be deceased from the blast.

According to investigators, Anthony Quinn Warner allegedly has some connection with the bombing.

WSMV-TV’s Jeremy Finley reports that “FBI agents spent the days at another location today besides searching the home of Anthony Warner, pursuing tips that he was paranoid about 5G spying on Americans.”

Anthony Quinn Warner, who is unmarried and childless, is self-employed in the IT area, a neighbor said; state records show he once was licensed as an alarm contractor, with a specialty in burglar alarm installation. In recent years, he lost a father and brother, leaving him with few living family members. A neighbor of Warner’s who confirmed that the FBI and ATF were at Warner’s longtime house along Bakertown Road in Antioch, Tennessee, which is a Nashville neighborhood.

Anthony Quinn Warner (CBS News)

Heavey.com reports:

She said he “lived here a long time. He was quiet, kept to himself.” Even though she’s lived near him for 25 years, the neighbor said she’s never known his last name. She described Anthony Quinn Warner as a white male with a “slight” build, standing about about 5 feet, 5 inches tall, with “grayish hair, kind of long.”

She noticed that the RV, which had been parked in his yard, was moved a couple days ago, and it’s not there now. She said Warner has lived at the home since at least 1995. The home is assessed at $89,900.

Catherine Herridge, a reporter with CBS News, shared on Twitter that authorities’ “leading theory” is that the suspect was “killed in the Nashville explosion. DNA tests on remains found at scene are being conducted to determine if they belong to suspect or someone else + Fed agents searching home person of interest.”

It’s puzzled that the bomber made deliberate efforts to encourage people to evacuate the area using a recorded message of a woman telling people to leave.

“They heard the announcements coming from this vehicle, took them seriously and were working to seal the streets to protect folks,” said Metropolitan Nashville Police Department spokesman Don Aaron. “We think lives were saved by those officers doing just that.”

Meanwhile, the bombing also disabled a major communication network, because it occurred near a significant AT&T facility; CNN reported that it knocked out much of the region’s wireless service and that authorities are investigating whether it was the bomber’s target.

Here’s what to know about Anthony Quinn Warner:

  • The Neighbor Says Anthony Quinn Warner Worked in ‘Computers’ & Was Unmarried Without Children; State Records Show He Had a License to Install Alarms.
  • A Quit Claim Deed Says That Anthony Quinn Warner Recently Gave His House to a Los Angeles Woman for Zero Dollars, But She Claims She Knows Nothing About It.
  • Anthony Warner Has an Old Arrest History Dating to the 1970s & Had Little Close Family Left.
  • The FBI Received Two Prior Tips About Warner Before the Bombing, Reports Say.
  • Police Responded to Shots Fired Reports Before the Blast
Left, an RV pictured on Google Maps on a property linked to Anthony Quinn Warner in online records. Right, the RV of the Nashville bomber as released by Metro Nashville Police.
Left, an RV pictured on Google Maps on a property linked to Anthony Quinn Warner in online records. Right, the RV of the Nashville bomber as released by Metro Nashville Police.

Anthony Quinn Warner confirmed by DNA test as Nashville Christmas bomber

Human remains found at the site of the Christmas RV bombing in Nashville belong to Anthony Quinn Warner, a tech expert killed in the suicide blast, officials announced during a Sunday press briefing.

Forensic testing was used to match the remains found at the scene with Anthony Quinn Warner’s DNA.

Investigators are probing whether Anthony Quinn Warner touched off the massive explosion over his fears of 5G cellular technology and his suspicion that it was being used to spy on the American public, it had previously been reported, according to New York Post.

Warner worked for Fridrich & Clark Realty

Sources say Anthony Quinn Warner was a computer consultant who worked as an independent contractor for Fridrich & Clark Realty, a Nashville-based real estate firm.

Fridrich and Clark’s president Steve Fridrich told Fox News that Warner was never an employee at the company but occasionally serviced its computers. Fridrich said that Anthony Quinn Warner announced his retirement earlier this month and has had no further contact with the company since that time.

“Upon learning that Tony is a suspect in the bombing on 2nd Avenue on Christmas morning, Fridrich & Clark notified the authorities that he had provided IT services to our firm,” the company said. “The Tony Warner we knew is a nice person who never exhibited any behavior which was less than professional.”

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