Tennessee highway near Nashville closed over suspicious box truck

Tennessee Highway near Nashville Shut Down Over Suspicious Box Truck Amid Massive Police Presence

Tennessee authorities shut down a road east of Nashville after stopping a box truck that they said was playing audio “similar to what was heard” before a recreational vehicle blew up on Christmas Day in downtown Nashville.

On Twitter, the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office says that a portion of highway in Wilson County, just east of Nashville, was shut down by law enforcement officials on Sunday to investigate a white box truck stopped on the side of the road. Authorities had sent out the details

Sheriff’s officials said the truck played the recording when it was parked around 10:30 a.m. at a convenience store. Walter Hill at the Crossroads Market. The driver fled the parking lot and was pulled over in neighboring Wilson County by deputies. Officials said that law enforcement arrested the driver.

The road that was shut down was Murfreesboro Road between Cedar Forest Road and Richmond Shop Road, a Wilson County dispatcher said.

Deputies said that as they continued to investigate, they had also evacuated residents in the area.

It blared a reported warning calling for people to evacuate before the RV blew up, and then Petula Clark’s 1964 song ‘Downtown.’ Sheriff’s officials did not explain what was going on with the box truck.

Nashville man named Anthony Quinn Warner is under investigation

Nashville Police say a Tennessee man named Anthony Quinn Warner is under investigation in connection with the Christmas Day bombing that rocked downtown Nashville.

Spokesman Don Aaron of the Metro Nashville Police Department confirmed Warner’s identity Sunday. Federal and state authorities are trying to ascertain who, on Friday morning, set off a bomb inside a recreational vehicle, injuring three people and damaging over 40 businesses. They are still working on the identification of human remains found at the site.

A law enforcement official separately told The Associated Press that federal authorities have begun investigating the digital presence and financial history of Warner. A recent deed transfer of a home in suburban Nashville is also being investigated.

The official was reluctant to openly address the case and spoke on condition of anonymity to The Associated Press.

The official said forensic experts are analyzing evidence gathered from the blast site to attempt to identify the explosive components and are also reviewing U.S. data. Information and forensic leads from the Bomb Data Center.

A variety of possible leads are investigated by federal agents and many hypotheses are pursued, including the possibility that an AT&T building was targeted. In some nations, the bomb caused damage that disrupted communications.

AT&T is rerouting service to other facilities

AT&T reports that service to other facilities has been diverted while the company works to repair a building that suffered significant damage after a bomb exploded on Christmas Day in downtown Nashville.

In a statement Sunday morning, the company said that mobile service was restored to many areas that were affected by the blast. The company says it is bringing in staff to help restore impacted wireline voice and data services and plans to have 24 additional disaster relief equipment trailers at the site by the end of the day.

After a bomb planted in a recreational vehicle parked nearby exploded Friday morning, the building’s commercial power connections were destroyed and forced offline. Not only in Tennessee, but in states like Kentucky, Alabama and Georgia, consumers lost contact.

The firm says power has been restored to four of the floors of the building. Although three feet of water was pumped out of the basement of the building on Saturday, there is still restricted access to the lower floors. Also damaged were elevators, beams and columns and the exterior of the building.

Nashville bombing shut down ATT network for hundreds of miles, 911 centers disrupted, internet service

Tennessee’s governor noted the Nashville explosion affected over 20 local 911 call centers, residential phone lines and cell service.

Flights out of Nashville airport halted due to telecommunications issues associated with RV explosion downtown, 911 systems up to 180 miles away knocked out.

Sweeping communications outages—including residential & cell phone service & 911 centers—continuing to plague large swaths of Tennessee after RV exploded early Christmas morning in downtown Nashville near communication hub.

(Source: The Associated Press)

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