DeSantis orders Florida troops back home: ‘They’re not Pelosi’s servants’

National Guardsmen are 'forced to sleep in a parking lot after being told to leave Capitol. (Photo: Daily Mail)

Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis declared on Friday morning that he has directed the Florida National Guard to return home to Washington, D.C. to secure the inauguration of President Joe Biden, which took place on Wednesday.

DeSantis called the “mission” in D.C. “half-cocked mission” and blasted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) for treating troops like her “servants.”

“[Governor Ron DeSantis] says he ordered the National Guard to come home from the U.S. Capitol because ‘they’re not Nancy Pelosi’s servants’ and ‘this is a half-cocked mission at this point and I think the appropriate thing is to bring them home,’” reported Miami Herald Tallahassee Bureau Chief Mary Ellen Klas.

A stunning 25,000 troops from across the nation were ordered to D.C. to secure the inauguration of Biden.

Disturbing photographs circulated Thursday evening revealed our National Guard troops sleeping in cold garages.

“Thousands of National Guardsmen were forced to vacate congressional grounds on Thursday and have been photographed having to sleep in parking garages while temperatures in the nation’s capital were set to dip down to near-freezing temperatures,” The Daily Wire reported.

“The photos of the living conditions that the National Guardsmen were forced to endure come after Democrats took complete control of the federal government this week following Joe Biden being sworn in as the nation’s 46th president.”

Meanwhile, OANN reported that President Trump gave permission for the troops to stay at his lavish Trump Hotel in Washington DC.

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