Donald Trump Jr. is on Telegram, blasting Biden’s policies and Democrats

Donald Trump Jr. explains why he uses Telegram

The eldest son of former President Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., made the announcement that he’s officially on Telegram, on January 23. He posted a series of video delivering his comments on Biden’s policy and Democrats.

The son of the former US president stressed that the platform does not participate in the “purge of conservatives”, unlike traditional social networks.

“Big Tech has gotten out of hand and it’s clear that many of you would like to connect on a platform that doesn’t stifle Free Speech – I hear you. I now have ownership of this channel and will be posting original content for you guys,” Donald Trump Jr. said on Telegram.

“As you know, I am a conservative, I say what I think,” Trump Jr. said. “I don’t really want an edge and I don’t want a conservative echo chamber, I actually want a place where my ideas and bad ideas compete with each other,” he added, promising to share more original content with his subscribers.

In the first video on Telegram, Donald Trump Jr. said: “The way the National Guard troops in DC were treated was ridiculous.”

“The way the National Guard troops in DC were treated was ridiculous.”

During the second video, he criticized the executive order of President Joe Biden.

“I couldn’t care less how you identify but this is ridiculous.”

Next is third video of Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr.: “This is sick stuff.”

In the next video, Donald Trump Jr. said: “Democrat Governors criticized Conservative Governors for months for wanting to keep their states open. Now they suddenly want to re-open?”

For now, the Telegram account of Donald Trump Jr. has more than 800.000 followers and is growing very fast.

This month, Telegram experienced an increase in popularity in the midst of US Big Tech tightening the screws on their platforms. In the last weeks of his presidency, Donald Trump’s social media accounts remained suspended after January 6. In an apparently concerted effort by the tech giants, Parler, a platform catering to conservative audiences, was wiped out.

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3 responses to “Donald Trump Jr. is on Telegram, blasting Biden’s policies and Democrats”

  1. Thank you for all you and your family have given to us . Please don’t lump all of us that love you as the same morons when you mention Americans as we thousands loved your dad. We didn’t do this. Please come back.


  2. Keep us informed. We need to save America


  3. Thank u for keep me informed.God Bless all the family.


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