Leftists storms Washington city hall, forcing the mayor to flee

Leftists break into city hall in Washington over homeless encampment

Leftist mob goons stormed the city hall in Bellingham, Washington on Saturday. Officials were forced to evacuate the mayor during the violent assault.

“It was unsettling,” Mayor Seth Fleetwood, who remained undeterred about asking those in a homeless encampment outside of the building to move 25 feet away, told KIRO-TV of Seattle.

“They banged on the door and we got word they had somehow broken it open and were entering, and I was advised to leave.” He was taken out the back door to his car, the station reported.

The militants spray painted KGMI radio journalist Joe Teehan, threw hot chocolate in the reporter’s face, and stole his microphone.

“I’ve never experienced that kind of belligerence. We’ve had protests in Bellingham and I’ve never seen anyone act that way,” Teehan recounted.

That’s when the crowd pounced to seize his equipment. When he started to back away, one individual grabbed his microphone.

CBS reporter Deedee Sun posted on Twitter: “Protestors broke into a locked city hall in Bellingham today. Mayor had to be escorted out for safety. They also tore down the American flag outside. Stole a KGMI journalist’s mic and threw a hot drink on him. They’re supposed to be here advocating for the homeless.”

Reporter Deedee Sun drove by city hall later. The area looks like a homeless slum.

The Post Millennial reports:

The far-left protesters were supposed to be advocating for the homeless encampment—known as Camp 210—of approximately 100 tents stationed outside city hall. Several wooden structures were also erected on the city hall’s lawn.

Homeless campers were living there since November to protest the lack of shelters in the area and ignored an order to move 25 feet away from the city hall. The city moved into action after several fires were set and county employees were harassed.

Protesters used cars to block Grand Avenue in front of the county courthouse, leading vehicles to drive across the sidewalk to circumvent the blockade.

A human barricade was formed around the intersections, holding signs that read, “Services now,” “Do not sweep,” and “Provide an actual solution for the homeless.”


Numerous homeless campers approach Camp 210 daily for supplies and food. Negotiations and communication with county officials have dissipated, leading advocates to believe that the city might sweep the encampment altogether. The camp’s leadership cancelled the late December meeting, because the city was unwilling to meet their demands.

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