What to know about the news ‘Hillary Clinton military tribunal set for April 8’

Mike Pompeo Teases Release Of More Clinton Emails Ahead Of Election

Real Raw News, the website posted “Navy SEALS Arrest Hillary Clinton” on March 4th, has just declared: “Clinton Military Tribunal Set for April 8”. Is it credible or a fake news?

Realrawnews.com said: “Hillary Clinton will have her day in court; more precisely, on April 8 she will face a military tribunal to answer for crimes committed against America and its people.”

Earlier, it reported that, U.S. Navy SEALs staged a March 2 raid on Clinton’s Chappaqua, NY, estate, capturing her and seizing laptops that link the former First Lady to countless atrocities. The website added, Hillary Clinton has been held under military guard at the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center Camp Delta since March 5.

The website continued:

“Clinton was asked if she wanted an advocate to speak on her behalf, but the loon said she would defend herself.  She decried the whole idea of a military tribunal as lunacy and has been babbling out how her people are going to free her. It doesn’t look good for her. She’s being charged with treason, sedition, assassinations, assassination attempts—the list goes on,” our source said.

However, a number of media accused that news about Hillary Clinton of fake one.

Reuters reported:

The articles being shared on social media appear to be a “follow-up” to a previous article, which Reuters debunked, claiming Clinton was arrested by Navy SEALs on March 2. The Navy confirmed to Reuters that this was definitely not true. On March 9, Nick Merrill, a spokesperson for Hillary Clinton, also told Reuters that Clinton has not been arrested (here).

Clinton can be seen here and here speaking at a Washington Post International Women’s Day event on March 8, three days after the posts claim she was taken to Guantanamo Bay. Her presence at the talk and the background seen in the videos show that she is not in a cell at the detention camp.

USA Today also reported:

Clinton also was scheduled to appear on March 8 at multiple virtual events for International Women’s Day. That afternoon, she participated in a live chat with The Washington Post. That evening, she was to participate in a virtual fundraiser with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to benefit their political action committees.

As we checked, Hillary Clinton’s Twitter account has also been active so far with the latest update by today (March 30):

By the way, we can check that news about Hillary Clinton in about one week, after April 8, as Real Raw News mentioned.

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