Top Israeli doctor: Vaccinated make up 95% of all severe Covid hospitalizations

Local research claims Pfizer shot now only 41% effective against symptomatic COVID, while British stats have it at 88%

Dr. Kobi Haviv, the medical director of Israel’s leading center for respiratory care, appeared on Channel 13 News this week to provide an extremely concerning update on vaccine-preventable cases.

At the Herzog Medical Center in Jerusalem, the vaccinated account for 85-90 percent of all new hospitalizations and 95 percent of “severe” cases, according to Dr. Kobi Haviv.

Kobi Haviv explains how one infected patient will spread the virus to “a large number of people” and that it doesn’t just happen “here or there,” it’s happening frequently.

Watch the video here:

The majority of Israelis have been fully vaccinated, according to their health officials, including 85 percent of those who are eligible. 5.8 million of the estimated 9.3 million citizens have received at least one vaccination, and 5.4 million have been fully vaccinated.

Despite the fact that the majority of them received the vaccine, the country has seen a rapid increase in cases, resulting in more daily positive test results than on the same day last year. They had 3,843 new cases on Thursday.

The data was used by the Israeli Health Ministry to justify tighter restrictions on their authoritarian vaccine passports. Citizens must now show proof of vaccination, a positive test, or proof of recent recovery from the virus to participate in most indoor and outdoor activities following their emergency vote on Thursday.

Gyms, restaurants, and parks all fall into this category. The expanded restrictions originally included synagogues and houses of worship, but they were removed at the last minute.

Another top Israeli Doctor, Eitan Werthein, sums up the ‘effectiveness’ of these rushed vaccines and what we can expect, even though so many have taken the jab, to the Jerusalem post:

“We are going to be right in the same spot that we were one year ago. We are on the same route.”

These observations are more confirmation to Headlines 360 reporting about the vaccine’s complete ineffectiveness against spreading the virus.

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