EMA data: Over 262,000 suspected cases of Covid vaccine side effects are severe

EMA database: 262,383 of the 904,534 suspected cases of Covid vaccination side effects are severe

The reported suspected side effects for the four Covid vaccines, which are conditionally approved in the EU, are record-breaking after just 8 months. Serious side effects and first deaths have also been reported in children who have not yet been vaccinated.

The European Medicines Agency EMA currently lists 904,534 personal suspected cases with a total of 3,478,979 individual side effects to the Covid vaccines (as of 03.09.21).

Almost a third of them are categorized as difficult.

Reported suspected cases in the EMA EudraVigilance database

On 09/03/21 the following were listed in the EudraVigilance database:

In total, the EudraVigilance database shows 904,534 personal suspected cases (ADR report). These include all cases from mild to life threatening.

The total number of all suspected cases reported to the EMA increased by over 80 percent in the period 29.05.21 – 03.09.21.

The “Serious Side Effects” category

The “Serious Side Effects” category excludes deaths.

Serious side effects, which are so categorized by the EMA, are also severe. The EMA defines this in its interpretation instruction as follows:

“Most important is the spontaneous reporting of serious or previously unknown suspected side effects. A side effect is considered serious if it

  • is life-threatening or has a fatal outcome ;
  • a stationary receiving in the hospital or a prolongation of an existing hospitalization makes necessary;
  • leads to persistent or significant disability or incapacity for work; or
  • represents a congenital abnormality / birth defect. “

Up to September 3rd, 21st the EMA database contained 262,383 suspected cases (ADR reports) of serious side effects. Of these:

  • 19,761 are classified as life-threatening
  • 77,842 cases required hospitalization
  • 18,329 result in ongoing secondary illnesses.
  • There are 14,167 deaths.

Serious suspected side effects mRNA Covid vaccines by number

Comparison with other vaccines

For the individual side effects, the Covid vaccinations are 17 times higher than for polio. Compared to the tuberculosis vaccination, this increases three-digit by a factor of 103 .

In terms of deaths based on 1,000,000 vaccinations, Covid vaccinations result in 16 times more deaths than polio vaccinations and 108 times more deaths compared to tuberculosis vaccination.

This proves that the Covid vaccinations are many times over (two to three-digit factor) compared to previous established vaccinations.

When comparing the individual most common categories, the differences are dramatic. The cases for polio can just be shown or seen on this graphic. The suspected cases of side effects for the TB vaccination are so small compared to the Covid vaccinations that they are no longer visible – except in the general diseases category.

Detail report by German is here

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