Pelosi: ‘Keep government open…to address the full Obama agenda of building back better’

Nancy Pelosi — ‘We Need To Implement The Full Obama Agenda’

Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi called President Joe Biden’s “build back better” the “Obama agenda,” during her remarks at the Democratic leaders news conference on 9/28/2021.

Pelosi called on Congress to “keep government open” and work to “address the full Obama agenda of building back better.”

Biden has campaigned for a social spending plan branded the Build Back Better agenda by the administration, with legislation of the same name presently being negotiated in Congress.

Pelosi previously stated that she would bring the reconciliation bill and the infrastructure bill to the House floor for corresponding votes. Some progressives have stated that they will vote against the infrastructure bill until a reconciliation bill is passed, whereas centrists have demanded that the infrastructure bill be voted on immediately. This leaves Democratic leadership, including Pelosi, to try to bridge the divide within her caucus in order to pass the president’s agenda’s key elements.

In a Tuesday “Dear Colleague” letter, Pelosi argued Congress has a “moral imperative” to pass “the Biden Build Back Better Act,” writing, “We must and will move forward to keep government open and to lift the debt ceiling.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday called for the passage of President Barack Obama’s agenda rather than President Joe Biden’s. Who does she think is President?


Biden agrees with Obama’s ‘unsustainable’ border critique

The White House said President Joe Biden agrees with former President Barack Obama that open-border migration is “unsustainable,” even as thousands of migrants cross the southern United States border.

“We don’t have open borders, so yes, he agrees,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters on Tuesday.

During an interview with ABC’s Good Morning America on Tuesday, Obama said that the recent crush of migrants arriving in Del Rio “is a painful reminder that we don’t have this right yet and we’ve got more work to do.”

“As big-hearted as he is, nobody understands that better than Joe Biden,” Obama said. “And the question is now: Are we gonna get serious about dealing with this problem in a systemic way, as opposed to these one-offs where we’re constantly reacting to emergencies? And I think that that’s something that every American should want to put an end to.”

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