Xi Jinping faces a surprise revolt within his own inner circle: Paul Monk

Xi on brink? Chinese leader vulnerable to coup amid 'floundering' CCP regime

According to a senior China policy expert, President XI JINPING is facing a surprise revolt within his own inner circle, and the Chinese leader is on the verge of a crisis.

President Xi Jinping is using power grabs and escalating rhetoric with Taiwan to divert attention away from his own domestic crisis. According to Paul Monk, a leading Chinese policy expert, if one pays attention, President Xi’s regime is “floundering”. Mr Monk was the former head of the Australian Defence Intelligence Organisation’s China Desk.

Speaking to Sky News Australia, he said: “The idea that China is growing stronger every measure and that we should be quaking in our boots, is a serious misreading in my judgement of what’s actually going on with China.

“We can see if we’re paying attention, how’s he’s making missteps and that his regime is floundering.

“There is a major power struggle going on inside the CCP and it’s growing, between Xi’s cronies and the old pro-reform party members.

“They had expected an opening up and reform. Xi backed down on reform and is going in the opposite direction.”

He continued: “That is causing rising tensions within the party.

“They’re making enemies all around their perimeter, which no sensible strategist would do.

“It is not implausible to see a scenario where Xi is removed from power.”


This comes as China grapples with price spikes and devastating energy shortages. 

Beijing is currently attempting to secure additional coal reserves in order to power the populous northeast region, which is home to nearly 100 million people and is experiencing the worst power shortages in years.

Millions of homes and businesses have already experienced power outages as a result of the severe electricity shortage.

According to official data, Chinese factory activity fell to its lowest level since February 2020, when lockdowns crippled the economy.

Previously, France 24 Correspondent Charles Pellegrin warned that moves to raise the cost of energy for Chinese households could spark a backlash against the regime if living standards fall.

(Source: Express.co.uk)

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