Migrant caravan tears through Mexican federal police within seconds

Migrants from Central America and Haiti clash with National Guard members as they walk in a caravan headed to the Mexican capital to apply for asylum and refugee status, in Tapachula, in Chiapas state, Mexico October 23, 2021.

On Saturday, thousands of migrants streamed north toward America’s southern border, fleeing the ineffective resistance of Mexican federal police.

According to Reuters, a caravan of 3,000 people clashed briefly with 400 police near the city of Tapachula, close to the Guatemalan border.

The video showed the authorities putting up a brief fight before breaking and allowing the migrants, some of whom were carrying children, to rush past them.

According to Reuters, Irineo Mujica, one of the caravan’s organizers, has stated that a protest in Mexico City is part of the plan.

Migrants, according to Mujica, are protesting the fact that Mexico has tried to detain previous groups that have flooded into the country or has demanded documents that migrants do not have.

The migrants came from Haiti, South America and Central America. The group is not the only one ready to stream into the U.S.

A group of about 20,000 people is currently amassing near the northern Colombian town of Necocli, an unnamed Department of Homeland Security official reportedly told NBC.

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Massive Migrant Caravan Begins Journey to U.S. from Mexico

Barely a month after over ten thousand Haitian migrants flooded Del Rio, Texas, overwhelming border personnel, a large migrant caravan has set off from from Mexico and begun its journey to the U.S, where many are expected to seek entry and settlement.

Carrying banners, a huge procession of migrants was seen marching from Tapachula, Mexico, using a rope to stay together so “no one falls behind” as the caravan embarks North, journalist Ali Bradley reported. Some of the signs had President Biden’s name written on them, Fox News reported.

Many migrants reportedly told Bradley that they are leaving Central America for the U.S. to pursue “the American Dream.”

According to video footage, the crowd got into a scuffle with Mexico’s immigration police, Instituto Nacional de Migración, on its route, with officers forming a barricade to prevent migrants from passing through.

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Migrant caravan breaks through National Guard roadblock in Mexico

Between 3,000 and 4,000 migrants left the Mexican southern border city of Tapachula on Saturday morning, bound for Mexico City.

Caravan organizers say that will be their last stop, as they try to secure humanitarian permits for the Haitians, Central and South American migrants to move freely in Mexico. But some of the migrants themselves have said they intend to reach the U.S. border.

The caravan immediately ran into a Mexican National Guard roadblock but appeared to break through, images on social media show. The images show a throng of people making their way past soldiers in riot gear and with plastic shields, yelling, “Libertad! Libertad! (Freedom! Freedom!)”

After pushing dozens of soldiers aside, the migrants could be seen walking in jubilation on their journey north. The soldiers made no attempt to pursue them or draw weapons.

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One response to “Migrant caravan tears through Mexican federal police within seconds”

  1. I think it is time we start manning the border with machine guns like other countries do to prevent illegal entry to the USA. Sorry, but they need to fight for their own freedoms like we in the US did in 1776 in their country. Had we not done it then we would have been in their shoes. The US government now has been busy usurping our freedoms from it citizens at the present time. The only way we are going to stop it here is another 1776.


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