Joe Biden praised for ‘not wavering’ on China as President stands up to Xi Jinping

Joe Biden praised for 'not wavering' on China as President stands up to XI Jinping

Sky News Australia’s host Paul Murray admitted there were many disappointing parts of US President Joe Biden’s presidency. However, he noted one of the commendable parts of his tenure was his tough stance on China. Mr Murray said it was important for Joe Biden to continue to stand up to China’s President Xi Jinping on the issue of Taiwan.

He also highlighted the implications of this decision as China considers Taiwan a part of itself and Russia would side with China in a conflict.

Mr Murray said: “Of all of the disappointments that Joe Biden’s Presidency has been, for people like myself, he has not wavered when it comes to China.

“His most recent comments when it came to defending Taiwan is important to note.”

Mr Murray then played a segment from Joe Biden’s CNN Townhall meeting.

Mr Biden said: “I have spoken and spent more time with Xi Jinping than any other world leader has.

“That is why you hear people saying Biden wants to start a new cold war with China.

“I don’t want a cold war with China I just want to make China understand, we are not going to step back or change any of our views.

“We have a commitment to come to the defence of Taiwan if China attacked.”

The Sky News Australia host continued to praise the US President for his stern stance on China.

He said: “Here is how it stacks up, Russia has said they would defend China’s right to defend its own territory.

“China thinks Taiwan is part of its own country.

“On the other side of things you have the United States who want to back the sovereignty of Taiwan, Australia, and the other nations.


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