Dr. Harvey Risch tells parents to take kids out of schools, educate them at home to avoid vaccine mandates

Yale epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch is advising parents to remove their children from any public school that forces students to get the shots.

As an FDA advisory panel considers whether to recommend the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination for young children, Yale epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch advises parents to withdraw their children from any public school that requires the doses.

In an interview Sunday night, Risch stated that children with major chronic diseases “should be considered for vaccination.”

“Other than that, if it were my child, I would homeschool them,” he told Fox News host Mark Levin.

Risch is an epidemiology professor at the Yale School of Public Health and Yale School of Medicine’s Department of Epidemiology and Public Health. He is the author of over 350 original peer-reviewed research publications and was a previous member of the board of editors for the American Journal of Epidemiology.

“Honestly, I would organize with other parents to take them out of the school and create homeschooling environments,” Risch said.

“There’s no choice. Your child’s life is on the line.”

He acknowledged that vaccination “is not a high risk that’s going to kill every child.”

“However, it’s enough of a risk, that on the average the benefit is higher for homeschooling than it is for vaccination and being in school.”

According to CDC data, children do not spread COVID-19 and pose little risk of adverse effects. Seasonal flu is more lethal in children than COVID-19, and swine flu was six times more lethal a decade ago. According to the CDC, the survival rate for children under the age of 20 who receive COVID is 99.998 percent. In August, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky admitted that the vaccines had become ineffective in preventing the virus’s spread.

An FDA advisory panel will meet on Tuesday to discuss Pfizer’s emergency use authorization request to administer its vaccine to children aged 5 to 11. The FDA acknowledged in a briefing document posted in preparation for the meeting that clinical trials had not addressed the potential risk of myocarditis in that age group.

According to the document, the risk will be studied in five “post-authorization safety studies,” including a five-year “follow-up study” to evaluate the long-term risk of heart inflammation.

‘When the people rebel’

In the interview Sunday night, Risch noted that the public is paying attention to the thousands of public and private employees who are quitting rather than be forced to take the vaccine.

Companies and local governments are having a hard time replacing those employees, he said, “so those policies are being rethought.”

“When the people rebel because of their own interest, then it has to be reckoned,” he said.

Levin cited public health officials’ inconsistent messaging, such as CDC Director Rochelle Walensky’s statement last week that vaccinated children will still need to wear masks and White House coronavirus adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci’s “endless contradictions” in his numerous media appearances.

“This has to be one of the worst year-and-a-half, two-year periods of information provided [to] the American people by the so-called scientific and medical community that I can remember,” he said.

Risch replied that the health community is “a top-down structure, and most doctors do not get their information by going back to the original studies and making up their own minds.”

“They get fed the information from pharma reps or from what they’re told by society, and the conflicts are legion,” he said.

“So it’s no surprise that most doctors don’t pay attention and think what they’re told (to think).”


Dr. Harvey Risch fights for natural immunity

Risch has fought the government and scientific establishment over their disregard for the power of natural immunity, as well as their discrediting and even demonization of cheap, safe, and effective COVID-19 treatments, including testimony before the United States Senate.

He wrote in a column for Newsweek in July 2020 that he is “accustomed to advocating for positions within the mainstream of medicine, so have been flummoxed to find that, in the midst of a crisis, I am fighting for a treatment that the data fully support but which, for reasons having nothing to do with a correct understanding of the science, has been pushed to the sidelines.”

“As a result, tens of thousands of patients with COVID-19 are dying unnecessarily,” he said.

His reference was to hydroxychloroquine, which he addressed in an article in the American Journal of Epidemiology that analyzed five studies, “demonstrating clear-cut and significant benefits to treated patients, plus other very large studies that showed the medication safety.”

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One response to “Dr. Harvey Risch tells parents to take kids out of schools, educate them at home to avoid vaccine mandates”

  1. “Yale epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch advises parents to withdraw their children from any public school that requires the doses.”
    i.e. healthy kids should not get vaccinated

    “Risch stated that children with major chronic diseases should be considered for vaccination.”
    i.e. Sick kids should be vaccinated

    With this logic All sick kids should get vaccinated but all healthy kids should NOT get vaccinated.

    How stupid could one get and still keep his Degree of Dr. of Epidemiology

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