George Soros partners with Reid Hoffman to launch new media venture

Billionaires George Soros and Reid Hoffman

Billionaire George Soros is reportedly joining Reid Hoffman, the billionaire co-founder of LinkedIn, in launching a new media venture, aimed at tackling disinformation.

Good Information Inc. launches on Tuesday and will be led by former Democratic strategist Tara McGowan, according to Axios.

What is Good Information Inc?

Good Information Inc., the latest venture from Hoffman and Soros, will reportedly invest in new businesses and solutions that attack the “disinformation crisis” in America. 

“Good Information Inc. aims to fund and scale businesses that cut through echo chambers with fact-based information. As part of its mission, it plans to invest in local news companies,” Axios reported.

“We are disclosing our investors, because we believe — especially right now in this environment of mistrust — that transparency is really important,” McGowan told Axios, noting that investors Ken and Jen Duda and Incite Ventures are also involved in the project.

Dan Pfeiffer, a former senior advisor to President Obama, is expected to serve on the Good Information Inc. advisory committee. 

“McGowan says that the group’s goal in the next year is to raise more awareness about immediate solutions to counter disinformation before it spreads,” Axios reported. 

Meanwhile, the new company that claims to be anti-disinformation is already the owner of a company known for spreading false information. According to Axios, Good Information Inc. will acquire the contentious Courier Newsroom as part of the deal.

George Soros funds 180 media related organizations

Funding the media is nothing new for billionaire George Soros. From 2004 to 2011 alone Soros spent nearly $50 million funding about 180 media organizations, and “news infrastructure” such as journalism schools and industry organizations

There are links between Soros and at over thirty mainstream news outlets that are household names.

The Bongino reported

ABC’s Christiane Amanpour and former Washington Post executive editor Leonard Downie Jr. both serve on boards of companies that take Soros money.

In 2010 and 2011, Soros contributed $250k to ProPublica, an investigative outlet whose advisory board includes former New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson, president of Univision Isaac Lee, former Wall Street Journal publisher L. Gordon Crovitz, Harvard professor of public service David Gergen, Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism director Tom Goldstein, the executive editor at publisher Simon & Schuster, the senior vice president for editorial quality at ABC News, Fortune Magazine’s senior editor at large, among others.

For years, Soros has been funding liberal causes all over the world. He recently donated $1 million to the organization “Stop the Republican Recall of Governor Newsom.” to assist embattled California Gov. Gavin Newsom, D., who was facing a recall.

Soros gave $1 million earlier this year to an activist group attempting to defund the police as violent crime rises in major metropolitan areas across the country. According to Federal Election Commission records obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, Soros sent the money through his Color Of Change PAC on May 14.

Reid Hoffman donates millions to Democratic groups

Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of LinkedIn, is one of Silicon Valley’s top donors to the Democratic campaigns and PACs. He has donated millions to Democratic groups, though his money also pours into non-traditional groups that aren’t mandated to report their funding and often operate in the shadows.

Hoffman was forced to issue an apology in 2018 for funding a group that falsely tried to give an impression the Russian government was supporting Alabama Republican Roy Moore in a 2017 special Senate election. 

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  1. Soros would rather spit in your face than tell you the truth: as far a I’m concerned he could not be involved in any thing regarding attacking disinformation but certainly could in distributing disinformation.


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