Truth Social migrates to Rumble Cloud, ready to onboard millions of users

Trump's Truth Social app set for release Monday in Apple App Store

The video platform Rumble on April 22 announced that Truth Social, the social media platform created by the Trump Media & Technology Group, has successfully migrated its website and mobile applications to Rumble’s cloud infrastructure.

Rumble says that this migration will enable the Truth Social platform to scale up. Truth Social’s move also marks the first significant customer to onboard with Rumble’s cloud services business.

“We are excited to partner with one of the fastest-growing social media companies on the internet. Providing top-notch cloud infrastructure is essential, and Truth Social users will start to see the fruits of our efforts immediately,” said Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski in a statement to the media.

“Yesterday, Truth Social and Rumble took a major stride toward rescuing the internet from the grip of the Big Tech tyrants. Our teams have worked tirelessly to realize this great endeavor. Rumble’s cloud infrastructure is second to none and will be the backbone for the restoration of free speech online for ages to come,” said CEO of TMTG Devin Nunes in a statement.

Trump Media & Technology Group is a social media and technology company. Truth Social, TMTG’s social media platform, calls itself “a Big Tech alternative that seeks to create a free-speech haven without viewpoint discrimination or oppressive censorship.”

On the day the app launched, February 21, Truth Social was one of the most downloaded apps on Apple’s App Store, as reported by CNBC. However, the massive demand was met by the inability of the platform to support such an overwhelming interest.

Six weeks since the launch of the social media app, BBC journalist James Clayton reported that almost 1.5 million people were still unable to join the platform and remained stuck on the waiting list.

Devin Nunes: Truth Social has cleared account backlog after switching to Rumble cloud

Devin Nunes on Friday confirmed that Truth Social has cleared the backlog of accounts waiting to use to the platform and is now open to millions of users.

Nunes spoke to Just the News: “As we get through rush hour, we continue to monitor. And look, I think, just here in the next two hours or so we’re going to be able to get rid of this wait list, you know, maybe tomorrow morning, but it’s coming quickly.”

Truth Social migrates to Rumble cloud, Trump platform ready to onboard millions

“We have a basically, we opened the new cloud the rumble cloud. Yesterday, early in the morning, it went off flawlessly, thankfully,” Nunes said.

“And it’s really you’ve got half of America should be concerned about being canceled by these crazy woke companies,” Nunes added, stressing the growth potential of the platform due to other platforms’ censorship.

“Now, one thing that you guys probably know is Real America’s Voice because you actually are also on Rumble, as you said in the opening, you know, that takes a lot of servers, a lot of equipment, right?” he asked.

“So, because of that, you know, they really have to be in this in this business of having data centers. And creating clouds. So it’s, it’s really their next big role,” Nunes continued. “And if you look at it, a lot of these companies like like, they almost all have clouds, in addition to they offer cloud services like Amazon, right?”

“So it’s a great business opportunity for rumble. And we’re just proud to be their first big client,” he concluded.

Nunes gives MAJOR update on Truth Social

One response to “Truth Social migrates to Rumble Cloud, ready to onboard millions of users”

  1. HI, I would like to know why Truth Social is on iPhone/apple play. Since there are about 5 times as many Android Phones versus iPhones why have you not made a version for Android phones.
    Trump completely cut out about 50,000,000 or more trump voters with this move. That’s a pretty dumb move on their part don’t you think.


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