Tucker Reports ‘CIA Was Involved In The Kennedy Assassination’

Citing Firsthand Source, Tucker Reports ‘CIA Was Involved In The Kennedy Assassination’

Citing Firsthand Source, Tucker Reports ‘CIA Was Involved In The Kennedy Assassination’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson reported Thursday, citing a first-hand source, that the CIA was involved in the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy.

President Joe Biden issued an executive order authorizing the release of all assassination-related documents that had been kept secret for decades. Thursday, the National Archives and Records Administration made available thousands of documents.

Carlson mentioned the John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992, which mandated the release of all documents related to Kennedy’s murder by 2017. However, neither former president Donald Trump nor current president Joe Biden have fully complied.

“Thousands of pages of documents after nearly 60 years, after the death of every single person involved, but we still can’t see them.” Carlson said.

“Today, we decided to find out. We spoke to someone who had access to these still-hidden CIA documents, a person who is deeply familiar with what they contained. We asked this person directly: did the CIA have a hand in the murder of John F. Kennedy, an American president? Here’s the reply, we received, verbatim. Quote: ‘The answer is yes. I believe they were involved. It’s a whole different country from what we thought it was. It’s all fake.’”

“It’s hard to imagine a more jarring response,” Carlson continued. “Again, this is not a quote ‘conspiracy theorist’ that we spoke to. Not even close. This is someone with direct knowledge of the information that once again is being withheld from the American public. And the answer we received was unequivocal: ‘Yes the CIA was involved in the assassination of the president.’”

“Yes, I believe the CIA was involved in the Kennedy assassination,” the source said, according to Carlson’s report.

CBS News reported that Trump released 2,800 of the 3,100 classified documents related to the assassination out of concern for national security. Biden issued a memorandum in 2021 directing a “intensive one-year review” of the redactions, with the agency identifying a small number of documents that must remain classified and requiring further review.

On November 22, 1963, Kennedy was fatally shot in the head while traveling through Dallas in a motorcade. Lee Harvey Oswald, a former marine and communist activist, was accused of firing the fatal shot, although historians have debated its veracity. Two days after Kennedy’s assassination, Oswald was fatally shot in the headquarters’ basement in Dallas.

Tucker Carlson stated: “It means that within the US government, there are forces wholly beyond democratic control. These forces are more powerful than the elected officials that supposedly oversee them. These forces can affect election outcomes. They can even hide their complicity in the murder of an American president. In other words, they can do pretty much anything they want. They constitute a government within a government mocking, by their very existence, the idea of democracy. As cynical as we have become after 30 years of watching government officials ignore the voters who employ them, we were shocked to learn this. It’s not acceptable.”

He continued: “Americans have trusted their government less with every passing year since the killing of John F. Kennedy. Maybe this is why. And people have known this for a long time. The people who knew would include every director of the CIA since November of 1963. And that list would include Obama’s CIA director, John Brennan, one of the most sinister and dishonest figures in American life.”

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