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Investigative report: Bloody Harvest & The slaughter

Bloody Harvest & The slaughter

There have been allegations that Falun Gong prisoners in China who refused to recant after torture, and who have “disappeared” by the thousands, have been killed in order to supply human organs for organ transplant services offered to foreigners. By means of intensive research and interviews, the authors have developed a persuasive argument that supports those allegations.

The book/video is an updated version of the final report (released January 2007 and translated into 19 languages) commissioned by the Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of the Falun Gong. It contains new material and interviews, and is in two parts. The first section sets out the evidence; the second section details the reactions the final report received and the advocacy Matas and Kilgour undertook to end the abuse that they conclusively identified.

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