Donald Trump: 2024 announcement coming ‘in the not too distant future’

President Donald Trump LIVE at CPAC 2021 Final Day COMPLETE LIVE Coverage from Orlando

Former President Donald Trump told Newsmax Friday that he’ll make an “announcement” about 2024 “in the not too distant future.” He added that “you’re going to be thrilled” with the election results that year.

“I’ll be making an announcement in the not too distant future,” Trump told Newsmax’s “Wake Up America.” “Right now, I’m helping a lot of people get into office, and we’re fighting the deep state, and we’re fighting [the] radical left. They’re after me. They’re after Rudy [Giuliani], they’re after you, probably. They’re after anybody. They’re vicious. They’re vicious, and they don’t do a good job and they’re very bad for the country… But I’ve been fighting them for 5.5 years.

“Since I came down the escalator I’ve been fighting them. These are vicious people, we know, and, I honestly believe they don’t love this country. They don’t love this country. They can’t, with what they say and what they do. They cannot love this country.” 

He also said, “I think you’re going to be thrilled” with the results of the 2024 elections. “I think you’re going to be very happy. We want a little time to go by, maybe watch what happens in [2022]. We’re giving tremendous endorsements … and some people go up 40, 50, 60 points.”

He later said “six months is not a long period of time, but the time does fly. I will say that and we’re working very hard on it. And we’re also working very hard not only for 2024, but we’re working very hard to show the corruption of what took place in 2020, and then we see what happens.”

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