Senator Ron Johnson: 84% of new COVID cases in Israel are vaccinated

Senator Ron Johnson inquires about COVID-19 vaccine safety

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) joined Maria Bartiromo on Mornings with Maria on Wednesday morning to discuss the failings of the COVID vaccines.

Senator Ron Johnson: The American people deserve the truth. Really, the people of the world deserve the truth on this and unfortunately because of the cabal between social media, mainstream media, and our federal health agencies and big government, we’re not getting the truth. The truth has been covered up for months whether we’re talking about gain-of-function research, whether we’re talking about the effectiveness of early treatment. I can’t explain all of this Maria, all I know is something has gone off the rails here. I’m trying to look for answers. It just doesn’t make sense to me… I just received this morning data out of Israel. That shows the population is about 84% vaccinated. But the new cases of COVID in Israel are about 84% with vaccinated individuals. It certainly is lookinng like the Pfizer vaccine is not working with the Delta variant.

Senator Ron Johnson inquires about COVID-19 vaccine safety

Sen. Ron Johnson has stirred controversy in recent days over his concerns about COVID-19 vaccine safety.

In a July 13 letter to health agency leaders, Johnson noted a press conference he recently hosted where individuals described “neurological symptoms” they said they experienced post-vaccine. Johnson wrote that he’s not sure health officials are properly monitoring for vaccine safety issues.

“Unfortunately, your agencies’ lack of response to congressional oversight letters, combined with my discussions with agency officials and individuals who believe they have experienced vaccine injuries, leads me to believe the preauthorization safety surveillance hype does not appear to match the agencies’ actual performance,” he wrote.

significant number of Americans share Johnson’s concerns about COVID-19 vaccine side effects.

Johnson points to the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a database where health workers or individuals can submit reports about adverse events occurring after vaccination, whether or not a causal link has been determined. The system has received 6,079 reports of death following COVID-19 vaccines, according to the CDC’s website, along with thousands of other adverse events.

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