Mark Ibrahim says an FBI informant urged him to break into the Capitol on Jan 6

Veteran and ex-DEA agent Mark Ibrahim

A former Drug Enforcement Agency official faces up to 15 years in prison over the January 6 protest at the US Capitol, despite his insistence that he never entered the building.

Mark Ibrahim, an Army veteran who was fired from the DEA over his participation in the events of January 6, spoke out in Tuesday’s episode of Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s series.

Ibrahim made the explosive claim that he was invited to attend Donald Trump’s ‘Stop The Steal’ rally by an FBI informant he knew from his military service, who subsequently urged him to join the mob breaking into the Capitol, which he refused.

“They labeled me a domestic terrorist, I just want to see peace and unity,” Ibrahim told Carlson.

“Because I’ve seen it in foreign countries, between Sunni and Shia, open violence in the streets. It’s a sad and scary thing,” he continued, referring to opposing Muslim factions.

“I’m afraid that if this division and dehumanizing continues, that’s where America is headed, and I pray that never happens,” Ibrahim said.

  • Three people implicated in Capitol protest spoke out Tucker Carlson’s docuseries 
  • Show attempts to paint arrests in the protest as targeting of political enemies 
  • Veteran and ex-DEA agent Mark Ibrahim says FBI informant urged him to attend
  • Ibrahim now faces 15 years prison despite not entering Capitol, he says 
  • Former Army PSYOPS Capt. Emily Grace Rainey calls riot a possible ‘false flag’
  • Rainey has not been charged but says she was forced out of the military 
  • Alaska woman Marilyn Hueper was an apparent victim of mistaken identity
  • FBI agents raided her home seeking Nancy Pelosi’s laptop but found it elsewhere
  • Carlson’s controversial series has drawn strong reaction and condemnations 

More details on the Daily Mail

One response to “Mark Ibrahim says an FBI informant urged him to break into the Capitol on Jan 6”

  1. I’m glad Tuckers’ series are drawing contempt, it means they are having an effect and maybe some one will grow a pair and do something about the corruption of every damn agency in the country under Democratic control.


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