California mom Jenny Porter severely disabled after Pfizer shot now homeless

Father Basil Harnish, O.Praem, prays over Jenny Porter at the office of Dr. Sean Rundle, Premiere Chiropractic in Laguna Hills, California

Jenny Porter was a very healthy real estate professional and single mother of three children. She became “horrifically ill” two days after receiving a Pfizer experimental COVID-19 vaccine injection last August. Jenny Porter experienced “non-stop excruciating pain” while losing her ability to walk, sit, and sometimes even move.

As a result, she is still unable to work, has been estranged from her children. She is now living in a southern California homeless shelter, despite the generous efforts of a network of devoted friends over many months.

“She’s the all-American girl who did the right thing and lost everything,” Brenda Maingot recounted over the phone to LifeSiteNews. Porter’s longtime friends, Maingot and her husband Gary, cared after her in their home for a lengthy period of time after her injuries.

Maingot, a Marietta education specialist, characterized her friend Jenny as “stunningly beautiful, always active, always exercising. She was like the PTA soccer mom at her kids’ school… just the epitome of health.”

Porter’s personal chiropractor, Dr. Sean Rundle, concurred. “Prior to this incident, Jenny had always been the type of patient that when she walked in the office the energy just went up. She’s always high energy, always positive, just a go-getter and full of life.”

“In August, after the vaccine, she was unrecognizable,” he told LifeSiteNews. “She was oftentimes carried in [the office] as she couldn’t walk in on her own… her whole body just completely blew up in an inflammatory state. Her eyes were puffed in, her cheeks were full, her legs were swollen.”

“It’s like Jekyll and Hyde, it’s a tale of two different women from where she used to be [before the shot] to where she is now,” Rundle lamented.

In a June interview with Broken Truth, Porter explained that her doctor of almost 20 years had diagnosed her with Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome (MIS) as a result of the Pfizer injection.

MIS is “an autoimmune-type inflammatory disease which attacks your organs, your tissues, your muscles. It also activated old sports injuries. It activated arthritis. It damaged my spine and bulged discs in my lumbar. We also believe it bulged discs in my neck,” she explained.

In addition, Porter experienced cognitive and reproductive issues, with “multiple allergies” being activated and “severe nerve pain.”

“The spasms I would have, from about my sternum down, felt like I was having labor contractions in my muscles. Like the most insane Charley horse you can imagine,” Porter told LifeSiteNews in a telephone interview.

As her industry strove to reopen last year following COVID shutdowns, Porter said she “felt a lot of pressure” to get the injection to ensure others around her felt comfortable, for to do otherwise might make it difficult for her to make a living.

“I was trying to do something that I thought would make everyone else feel safe around me,” she said. “And shame on me because I shouldn’t have made a decision out of fear like that, but I did, because I didn’t think I could handle the loss of income for me and my kids.”

In May, a group of 17,000 physicians and medical scientists, calling themselves the Global Covid Summit (GCS), issued a ten point declaration demanding “the [COVID] state of medical emergency must be lifted, scientific integrity restored, and crimes against humanity addressed.”

Their sixth principle called attention to the medical establishment’s abandonment of the many thousands of patients like Jenny who have been inflicted with what they call “Post COVID vaccine syndrome.” This point declares that “funding and research must be established for vaccination damage, death and suffering.”

Dr. David Wiseman, a former Johnson & Johnson research fellow, emphasized during the press conference that the problems that have caused so many injuries from the injections must be identified with names and ICD 10 codes “so the patients can begin to receive treatment.” They are effectively in limbo without it.”

The GCS goes on to indicate that individuals within “a corrupt medical alliance of pharmaceutical, insurance, and healthcare institutions,” along with government agencies, big tech and media corporations must be investigated “and accountability must be had for those who have committed [these] crimes against humanity.”

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